Good Girls

This show is everything you could want.  It's funny, dramatic and has 3 kick-ass female leads.  It's a story really about finding yourself, who you are and what you would do when pushed to the limit.  The three gals rob a supermarket to pay their bills and end up changing their life (maybe in a good way) for the better.  Even though this has so much intense drama in it, it's also so uplifting and funny that you will race through all 10 episodes.

You can watch it on Netflix now.

Chesapeake Shores

This tv show follows the O'Brien family who live in a little coastal Maryland town that their family founded. It's got all the family drama you could want, stunning scenery and Jesse Metcalfe singing songs every other episode. If you don't like cheesy, sweet and heartwarming shows then step away from this one (actually maybe step away from this whole section!).  This makes you feel really good and really happy after watching it.

You can watch season 1 and 2 on Netflix (Season 3 is coming in a few weeks) 

Movies 24

Ok so not so much a tv show or film but an actual channel.  Something you need to know about me, Hallmark movies are my thing, my jam, my one and only. Movies 24 in the UK is a channel that shows hallmark movies, lifetime movies and the like, 24/7.  Every movie is more predictable and obvious than the next and they make me so happy, honestly I love them.  To me there is nothing more feel good than a Hallmark movie, I can't single out a specific one for you to check out other than if its a Larry Levinson production, you know your in for a treat! 

You can find Movies 24 on Virgin 419, Sky 327 and BT 513