Here are our top favourite shows and films that we think will inspire your new beginning. 

Jane the virgin

After getting accidentally artificially inseminated Jane Villanueva’s whole world changes. We follow Jane on her journey of becoming a mum, falling in love and growing up. The series is gearing up for its fifth and final season so get caught up before it ends. It will make you cry and laugh. Perfect autumnal viewing

Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie are both in shock when they find out that their husbands have been having a secret affair with each other and finally go public with their love. This beautiful, funny and really touching show is super special and shows you that change can be  scary and amazing at any age. 

Good girls

Beth, Annie and Ruby are at a crossroads in their life, with money problems, failed marriages and hospital bills, they are pushed to their limits. So they concoct a plan to rob a store, just the once, to pay their debt. But like any good show there is a twist and one robbery turns into more. This is a kick ass, female led show with 3 amazing actresses at the helm. This show makes you realise that no matter how hard you might want to hold on to the past, a fresh start may be exactly what you needed.


Ben Whittaker is retired and feeling lonely so he gets himself a new job being an intern to the CEO of an online clothing website. This slow, gentle and really really beautiful film is one that is perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon. We would take a guess that your going to come away feeling inspired to have your own new beginning after watching Ben come alive with his new life.

Schitt’s Creek

The rose family have went from rich to poor overnight after a tax scandal and have to move to the only place they still own which is a town purchased as a joke birthday gift called Schitt’s Creek. There are four seasons of this half hour comedy made by Dan and Eugene Levy and we can safely say it’s on repeat here at thirteen:fourteen. Hilarious funny, real laugh out loud comedy but with so much heart bursting from every character. The rose family show you that new beginnings don’t always have to be smooth sailing but can still work out ok in the end if you’ve got your friends and family around you. Catch up now before the Christmas special at the end of the year.