Rainbow Rush Game by Big Potato

This is addictive, we’ve just got to put that out there.

So when you all decide you’ll just play a ‘quick’ game, know that you all will still be awake at 1 in the morning trying to win yourself more full rainbows than your team mates.

Because this game is so quick and so easy, it somehow makes everyone even more competitive playing it. We had a lot of screaming and shouting every time we’ve played this so far at thirteen:fourteen HQ and honestly we even had a few scratches from quick grabs of the cubes from an ultra competitive team member (you know who you are).

So even if your friends and family might be less competitive than ours (we’re keeping our fingers crossed for you) we still think you’ll really love this game.

The object of the game is to spot which two colours have changed places on each rainbow card that is pulled out, be the first to pick up the corresponding coloured cube and you get to keep the cube.

Be the first person to get one cube of every colour and make your own rainbow and that’s it, you’ve won.

So it sounds easy, and it really is but there is something about a group of grown ups staring at small pieces of cards with rainbows on it that just causes mayhem and hilarity, so be prepared.

This is such a fun game for all the family too (The game says for ages 8+ but we tried this out on some younger family members between 5 and 9 and they were in love with it and picked it up super quickly too).

So go try and catch those rainbows…!


Bonus Games

These little teeny tin’s contain 50 cards each with different quick, fast games on them. Perfect for gifts, for office games or for travelling with . We love Name That Word and Get Smart. They are such great ideas to pass the time and great if you don’t have much space for playing traditional board games too.