I Feel So F**king Good

Self care might be the buzziest of phrases in the wellness world right now but what does it actually mean?

For some it might be just taking 5 minutes out of your day to look after your skin but for others it means serious effort into looking after your physical and mental health. We live crazy lives with so much hitting us at the one time. So you gotta take a minute to check in with yourself and clear your head. We describe self care as doing things that make us feel so f**king good because if you feel good, you feel happy and if you feel happy then your body is healthy and healing. So every month we will have a special guest share things that make them feel f**king good in the hopes that you might be inspired to try one or two of them yourself. First up is our editor Emma Frew…

Take a break

When I get that overwhelming feeling of stress or anxiety, the first thing I do is step away from all electronic devices, which if I’m honest is normally what I’m on when that feeling come over me. I turn them off, stand up and take a break. It might be lying down for 5 minutes with my eyes closed and just breathing or putting on some music and dancing, I make sure I take my body and my mind out of the situation that was causing me stress. Sometimes it’s nice to take a walk outside and ground myself to the earth but if that’s not possible just moving to another room helps. Sometimes a few minutes is all I need and I can jump right back to work with a clearer mind but if my mind is just not feeling it I listen to my body and give myself a longer time out. It makes me feel good to check in with myself and acknowledge when I’m overworking or overthinking what I’m doing. It’s a lesson and one that can teach you a lot about your limits.

Doing Yoga

A pretty new thing for me but Yoga really is as good as they say, who knew everyone wasn’t actually lying for all these years.  Since I’ve been practicing yoga I feel so much better in every aspect. I feel my body is stronger and my mind has a stillness similar to what meditation gives me (meditation is also my number one way of self caring) after I’ve done a class. No matter how tired I am, or how much I can’t be bothered or think I’m too busy, every time I do yoga it makes me feel better that’s all I can ask for. .

Having a skincare routine.

Don’t underestimate how good setting time aside to tend to your skin feels. I like to go big with my routine at every chance I get. I go in with the masks, the exfoliants ,the double cleanses, the serums, the Gua Shu’s and the moisturizers. I feel so damn good after having a full blown pamper night, it gives me a sense of calm and I think it’s because learning and understanding all about skincare and products gives me such joy. And that’s all you need, find something that gives you joy and try and make time for it at least once a week. For me that’s covering my face in every kind of clay and oil I can find but for you maybe it’s fixing cars or playing an instrument or painting your nails. You do you and fully immerse yourself in it as often as you can. Too often we think we are being selfish for indulging in the things we love that seem frivolous but we’re not, we are caring for ourselves and our wellbeing. It’s not really about what I look like on the outside why I love my pamper nights ( ok, so I do love having fancy plumped and supple skin too) but it’s more about how it makes me feel on the inside that’s so important …and it makes me feel so f**king good.