All About The Gua Sha

This ancient Chinese medicine technique has been used for centuries to aid your body in healing. It’s really easy to use, you take your Gua Sha (pronounced gwa sha) and with pressure ‘scrape’ the soft tissue of your skin outwards to promote the detoxing and removal of stagnant energy and increase your blood flow. It can be used in many places but is most commonly used for your face, neck and shoulders.

The Gua Sha is said to have so many benefits such as helping joint and muscle pain, sinisitus, migraines and chronic inflammation . It also has a lot of topical benefits too like helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and boost your overall skin health. 

So if you want to get all up in the Gua Sha business, here is our guide…

  1. You will need a jade Gua Sha. You can pick one up for a few pounds here or go for something a more expensive here.

2. Apply a light oil all over your face to help the Gua Sha slide over your face.

3. You want the Gua Sha to be nearly completely flat to your face only raised a few centimetres at the side your holding on to.

4.  Drag or scrape your Gua Sha from the inside out. So starting at your nose going out towards your hairline.  Use the hand that doesn’t have a Gua Sha in it to hold your skin taut so you get more of a pull with the Gua Sha. When you get to your hairline wiggle the Gua Sha slightly

5. Have a steady firm pressure and go lighter under your eyes. This isn’t meant to be sore or bruise you but you will feel pressure and might experience some redness in your face after it.

6. Work all the way around your face and also your neck.

Enjoy taking time using your Gua Sha and the self care experience. If your looking for a bit more help and advice on using the Gua Sha we really love Britta Beauty on instagram, she has some great tutorial videos too.