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The more I learn about wellness the more I feel like everything is out to seriously harm us. From my hand wash to my shampoo and even the pesticides covering the fruit and vegetables that I eat. How do I keep learning about this way of life without having a panic attack about the state of the world at the same time?



Answer- I get it and I’ve been there. Finding out that the ‘system’ seems to be made up of people who just don’t have our best interest at heart, sucks. It can feel like your living in one of those dystopian, conspiracy shows that they show on late night tv.

The honest truth is that it is scary, it’s petrifying what is going on with our food industry and our pharmaceutical industry and the more you learn the more frightened you can become. But here’s the thing, you need to turn your fear into courage. Use all this new knowledge you have to empower yourself. Rather than let all these things scare you, use them to change your life and in doing so you will inspire others around you to change their’s too. Stop focusing on all the bad people that are in charge and start focusing on the good ones that are outing the bad, the people who are putting their work and lives on the the line to try and help us all. For every company you come across using another toxic ingredient, you’ll find a new one that doesn’t. For every farm that covers there produce in glyphosate you’ll find another that refuses to. Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the bad and let fear overwhelm us but my advice to you is to keep going and keep learning. An uncomfortable truth is better than a comforting lie.

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