It’s getting cold outside, it’s getting darker too, your money is drying up after the amazing summer you had.

You want to spend time with your family and friends but your not about going out for expensive meals or drinks when, well… you don’t have the dollar dollar bills to pay for it.

So let us present to you, your saving grace…the board game party. That’s right, board games are no longer only for the kids, the games have grown up, they’re fun and a really cheap way of bringing some of your favourite people together when you really can’t be bothered to leave the house or afford to.

So look no further than our own board game club to deliver all your board game needs. We are obsessed with them at thirteen:fourteen. So we recommend digging out that old dream phone and cluedo if your on a tight budget (just make sure you’ve got all the pieces before you start playing) but if your looking for some new additions to add to your games night then that’s where The Board Game Club comes to the rescue. Each issue we’re going to share our favourite games that we’ve been trying out., And here are our first picks…