thats's so retrograde

Elizabeth and Stephanie host this wellness based podcast and are so fun, funny and down to earth that you will want them to be your new bff's.  The whole show is about different aspects of natural living but they are not about telling you how to live or what you shouldn't be doing, more just joining them on their journey.  The gals are super open and honest and it's the one podcast that I make sure I listen to weekly.

your high vibration life

This podcast is all about high vibrational living, trying to raise your vibe and explaining to you what the hell that all means.  Super informative and interesting.

the life stylist

Such a massive back catalog of episodes for you to go through.  I started off just listening to the episodes from people I knew and liked and then because Luke (the dude behind the show) has got such a chilled and interesting approach to speaking with the guests, i ended up listening to them all.  Full of creative, artistic, spiritual, natural and holistic interviews.