Given is a documentry about a family and their surfing adventure across 15 countries.  The film is narrated by Given who is the young son of the family, you get to see the world from his perspective and everything that this life changing trip taught him.  A breathtaking, visually stunning film.

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Cuba and the Cameraman

Filmmaker Jon Alpert chronicles four decades in Cuba in this facinating film.  Feel inspired by the stunning changing landscapes and stories from the cuban people about what life has really been like for them.  A really wonderful film.

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Off Camera

This show is basically photographer, writer and director Sam Jones sitting down in one chair and someone who is well known sitting in the other, talking for around an hour.  It's filmed in black and white and it really is as simple as it sounds but there is something in that simplicity and in Sam's genuine interest in his specially curated guests that makes for such an honest, open and always interesting conversation.  I always come away feeling so inspired after watching people talk about their life on this show. 

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