We are always on the hunt for tasty, nutritious snacks filled with good-for-you ingredients, so we thought we’d do a little round up.  Here are some of our favourites that we have been eating this month.

1.  Eat Real Lentil chips in sea salt flavour- If your looking for a plant based alternative to your traditional pack of crisps (USA friends, we mean chips) then these are for you. They have the same feel, texture and crunch of a normal crisp but they have a much lighter flavour. You really only need a few handfuls and your pretty full. The brand also does other versions such a Tomato and Basil and Sour Cream and Chive They are also super prefect as dipping crisps, with guacamole or hummus!

2.  Karma Bites Popped Lotus Seed Snacks- This fancy popcorn lookalike is from the seed of the lotus flower. They give you a really strong flavour and are a really lovely alternative to your plain old popcorn if you fancy a change

3.  Ombar - These luscious cacao bars will become a staple in your world as soon as you’ve tried them. The brand makes so many beautiful flavours and they come in handy mini bars and traditional large bar sizes too. With only a handful of ingredients, these are such a great way to get your chocolate hit without all the yucky stuff normal chocolate has in it. Ombar will give you a much stronger chocolate flavour, comparable to a more rich dark chocolate.

We hope you find something new to try in our roundup...have fun trying them all out!