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February is a pretty unique month this year when it comes to all things Moon...
Not only do we get a partial eclipse and a new moon today but February is the only month since 1999 to not have a full moon in it.

So what does tonights new moon have in store for us all?
Well Aquarius is taking charge this month and that means it’s all about the future. It feels for the past few months all that have been talking about is the new moon's dredging up our past and forcing us to reflect and face ourselves. So thankfully this month we get a bit of a break from having to do a deep soul search, not that that isn’t great, it is but sometimes we all just need a bit of a break, to be wild and free and that is exactly the chance that this new moon is giving us.

Today’s moon wants us to get excited about now and excited about all our tomorrow’s too. It wants us to really focus on our health and well-being, are you feeling a little run down the past few days? Are you feeling like you need a bit of a pamper day?
Well don’t worry, it’s all down to the new moon. It’s forcing you to dedicate some time to self love and care. It might make you feel a bit blah and down on yourself until you stop and give your focus to looking after yourself. So tonight do that face mask you have been talking about or do that yoga class that makes you feel so refreshed, whatever makes you feel good, do it over the next few days.

Communication will also be a big deal for the rest of the month too. You will be faced with situations that you need to look at from the outside in, to be able to get the real meaning behind them. Is a friend bothering you with their behaviour? Or is someone giving you mixed signals?
Take a minute to look at the situation through their eyes rather than your own, can you see where they are coming from? Can you understand their world a bit better now?
This moon is asking you to have patience with everyone around you this month as everything might not be as it seems.

Overall this moon is bringing with it a peaceful, positive and above all a really, really loving vibration. It feels like a weight has been taken off our shoulders and we can all have a fun and exciting month full of strengthening bonds with the people who we love and it’s forcing us to take care of ourselves inside and out so that we feel as positive as possible.

The universe is giving us a really beautiful gift in this moon tonight...Enjoy and get your manifestations and intentions ready.