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 We have a big book haul to share with you this month.  These are the books that got us through the dark, gloomy and possibly the longest January on record.  We have tried to include a mix of genres, so hopefully you will find something that catches your eye...

1.  A Monk's Guide To A Clean House And Mind by Shoukei Matsumoto
"Live clean. Feel calm. Be happy.
We remove dust to sweep away our worldly cares. We live simply and take time to contemplate the self, mindfully living each moment. It's not just monks that need to live this way. Everyone in today's busy world needs it.
In Japan, cleanliness is next to enlightenment. This bestselling guide by a Zen Buddhist monk draws on ancient traditions to show you how a few simple changes to your daily habits - from your early morning routine to preparing food, from respecting the objects around you to working together as a team -will not only make your home calmer and cleaner, but will leave you feeling refreshed, happier and more fulfilled."
This slim and compact book is as beautiful on the inside as it is on its outer cover.  Filled with practical, simple and easy to follow tips from a Zen Buddhist monk, this little book might just change the way you clean your house.
The book really does offer up some valuable and insightful information whilst not preaching or being at all judgemental.  One of the best 'tidying' books that we have read, it is a must if your looking to really change how you clean and look after your space. 
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2.  The Sacrifice Box by Martin Stewart
"Sep, Arkle, Mack, Lamb and Hadley: five friends thrown together one hot, sultry summer. When they discover an ancient stone box hidden in the forest, they decide to each make a sacrifice: something special to them, committed to the box for ever. And they make a pact: they will never return to the box at night; they'll never visit it alone; and they'll never take back their offerings.
Four years later, a series of strange and terrifying events take place. Someone broke the rules, and now everyone has to pay."
Set in the 80's in Scotland. This book is reminiscent of Stranger Things and The Goonies, the book completely takes you back in time and sets the scene of the period beautifully.
The Sacrifice Box is an intense whirlwind of a story but it also has a lightness that keeps you on your toes, the subtle comedy running throughout breaks up the often edge of your seat moments perfectly.
This is a great, fun, thriller of a story that will have you reminiscing about your childhood and your favourite 80's movies long after you've finished reading.
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3.  The No Spend Year by Michelle McGagh
"Michelle McGagh has been writing about money for over a decade but she was spending with abandon and ignoring bank statements. Just because she wasn't in serious debt, apart from her massive London mortgage, she thought she was in control. She wasn't.
Michelle's took a radical approach and set herself a challenge to not spend anything for an entire year. She paid her bills and she has a minimal budget for her weekly groceries but otherwise Michelle spent no money at all.
She found creative ways to live have a social life and to travel for free. She has saved money but more importantly she is happier. Her relationship with money, with things, with time, with others has changed for the better."
This is another super practical guide, much in the same vein of the Zen Monk book above (although this time about money not cleaning) .  Michelle takes us through her year of no spending but the majority of the book is based on tips and advice that she shares from her experience of working in finance
This is a must read if your looking for a really honest look at how to change your spending habits, what to do with your savings and how to navigate the world of money in general.
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4.  The Year Of Less by Cait Flanders
"In her late twenties, Cait Flanders found herself stuck in the consumerism cycle that grips so many of us: earn more, buy more, want more, rinse, repeat. Even after she worked her way out of nearly $30,000 of consumer debt, her old habits took hold again. When she realised that nothing she was doing or buying was making her happy-only keeping her from meeting her goals-she decided to set herself a challenge: she would not shop for an entire year.
She decluttered her apartment and got rid of 70 percent of her belongings; learned how to fix things rather than throw them away; researched the zero waste movement; and completed a television ban. At every stage, she learned that the less she consumed, the more fulfilled she felt.
The challenge became a lifeline when, in the course of the year, Cait found herself in situations that turned her life upside down. In the face of hardship, she realised why she had always turned to shopping, alcohol, and food-and what it had cost her. Unable to reach for any of her usual vices, she changed habits she'd spent years perfecting and discovered what truly mattered to her."
So I really wanted to share the above book and this one side by side because upon glancing at them and even reading their blurbs you may think that they are about exactly the same thing.  Well, technically they are, both women stop spending money for a year but that's where the similarities stop.  'The No Spend Year' is more of a no nonsense how-to guide whereas the 'The Year Of Less' is an emotional story of how  one women has managed to completely change her life.
This is such a heartfelt and really beautiful story.  Cait's writing is so touching and really makes you rethink your relationship with money and how it affects your life.  This is a short but super inspiring book that we think is perfect to help you start your year off right with.
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5.  New Bohemians Handbook by Justina Blakeney
"The New Boho Handbook guides readers in beautifully simple techniques for adding good vibes, and style to living spaces. Packed with hundreds of ideas for bringing positive energy to your home, the book features exercises and activities for thinking about rooms in new ways.
With Justina’s expert guidance, learn how to rearrange, paint, prop, and plant your way to a home that’s fresh and inspiring. Uncover your “spirit environment” and learn how to use colour and scent to enhance mood, productivity, and relaxation."
Our book of the month, this is the most stunning coffee table book we have come across in a long time.  The imagery, art, photography and style of the book is so perfectly executed and delivered.  It feels like the pieces jump off the page and you get such a real sense of what the rooms in the book feel like.  Our favourite type of style for clothes and interiors is bohemian so this book really did feel like it was made for us.  Each chapter guides you through a different topic on how to achieve the perfect boho vibe in your home or space.  All the tips and hints are helpful and inspiring and will no doubt have you wanting to redecorate every room in your house once you've finished the book.  If you are a fan of interior design and a more bohemian lifestyle then this book is a must for you to have in your life, you won't regret it!
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6.  Creating The Impossible by Michael Neill
"Michael Neill is widely recognised as one of the world's leading life coaches, and his teachings have impacted everyone from housewives to CEOs and from gang members in prison to leaders at the United Nations. For the last decade, he has been sharing the principles that will allow you to create far more than you ever thought possible with far less struggle than you expected.
Thousands of people from all over the world have already used the principles behind this 90-day programme to reconnect with their creative spark and get their most important ideas and projects out of their head and into the world. Now it's your turn...
What if you could accomplish more than you ever imagined without the constant stress and pressure associated with 'high achievement'?
What if creating what you want to see in the world isn't dependent on believing in yourself, or even believing that it's possible?
Whether you want breakthrough results for your business, yourself or your life, this book will change the way you see yourself as you learn to make the impossible possible!"
This is such a fascinating and insightful read.  Michael shares such useful knowledge in how to get the most out of life, work and business.  If you are a creative or want to tap into your creativity more, we suggest that you grab a copy of this book as it really makes you look at how you create and your process so differently.  This has already become a cult favourite since its release, with many people going crazy over Michael's life changing advice.  We love it and think you will too.
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7.  Twelve Nights by Andrew Zurcher
"Kay and her little sister, Eloise, never imagined that their standard icy Christmas Eve in Cambridge would be the start of a twelve-night odyssey . . .
Kay's father is working late - as usual. Fed up, her mother bundles her daughters into the car and drives to her husband's Cambridge college to collect him herself. But when they arrive, the staff claim that nobody by his name has ever worked there . . .
Kay is puzzled by her mother's reaction - silent tears, not anger and confusion. And what is even more puzzling is the card on her pillow when they return home:
Will O. de Wisp, Gent. F.H.S.P. and Phillip R. T. Gibbet, Gent. F.H.S.P. K.Bith. REMOVALS.
That night, Kay is woken by voices at her window: the voices of Will and Phillip, the Removers. But they are not human. And Kay shouldn't be able to see them. Except she can . . ."
We are super excited to share with you a book that is really special.  Twelve nights doesn't come out till April 5th but we managed to have a read of it and we just had to share it with you all right away. We can't say much, other than if you love action packed stories then your going to fall completely in love with this novel.  It's mystical, its strange, its emotional and the writing is beautiful.  Its packed full of a story that is bursting off the page and begging to be made into a harry potter like movie.  This is one amazing book.
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