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We love a podcast here at thirteen:fourteen, so we thought we'd share a few of our favourites...

1.  That's So Retrograde - This is maybe the most iconic wellness podcast out there, so we knew we had to start with this.  Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari seek out their most authentic lives and document their journey for us to listen to.  Anything wellness related that blows your mind, meditation, crystals, gurus, the girls will have covered it for you.  They are fun and funny, honest and not scared to be exactly who they are.  This is such a joy to listen to, you really do feel like your getting to just spy in on a conversation between two best friends.  This is a must listen for all your pop culture and wellness needs.  You can find out more about the podcast HERE.

2.  Pardon My French - This is Garance Dore's podcast and it's an absolute delight to listen to.  There is obviously a strong element of style running through the episodes, in the conversations and in the guests but the podcast is definitely not fashion based.  Garance speaks with many different people from all walks of life and discusses so many different topics.  We love Garance's beautiful french accent that adds such an element of calm to the conversations.  She is really amazing at putting her guests at ease and getting them to share their story too. You can find out more about the podcast HERE.

3.  Layers -   Layers is a podcast hosted by Ana Kinsella and Stevie Mackenzie-Smith and is all about style.  Each episode the girls take a topic and make it the theme of the show. With 'Encounters' they shared how bumping into a stranger whose style we admire or meeting someone for the first time and noticing their outfit can all affect how we think about clothes and fashion.  We love how easy and fluid the conversation is between Ana and Stevie.  Their take on fashion, clothes and style is fresh and authentic, when we listen to layers we are reminded of how important fashion is to us, not in a superficial or vain way but in a genuine self love way.  We love the art of dressing and taking time to carve out our own individual style but sometimes people can be flippant about fashion and make it seem extremely non-important in today's society but Layers reminds us that it's ok to want to take time and care for ourselves through clothes and that it can be part of our daily self care.  We always loved Stevie's blog, Discotheque Confusion and this feels like a really natural progression of that. You can find out more about the podcast HERE.

4.  Gutted -The tag line for this podcast is 'weekly stories of reclaiming your instinct' and we think that sums up this podcast perfectly. Each episode the host, Allie Stark speaks with someone and asks them to share a story of where/how they lost their way because they didn't follow their gut and how they got back on their true path.  Allie is a great host and shares a lot of her own personal story too, she lets the guest talk and share and makes the conversation feel super natural.  Every time we listen to this show we feel ourselves more and more inspired to make our gut connection even stronger in our lives and to make sure we are always listening to our instinct, we even wrote about it here.  It's always a fun and inspiring listen. We need to give a shout out to our guest contributor Leanne, who recommended this awesome podcast to us! You can find out more about the podcast HERE.

5.  Your High Vibration Life - This podcast is hosted by Robyn Openshaw and is all about uncovering the truths and history of how and why your 'vibe affects your life'.  Robyn is such a great host, she explains things in such simple terms and every episode you really come away having gained knowledge that you didn't have before.  We are all about trying to live on our high vibration paths in life and hearing Robyn explain the real science and facts behind this way of life is inspiring.  She also speaks with some really amazing people on the podcast and they cover such a wide variety of topics that living a high vibe life can help with.  We say, start this one from episode one so that you get the full understanding of what 'high vibration living' is. You can find out more about the podcast HERE.