Baths have always seemed like the more luxurious, fancy and time consuming version of the speedy shower.  But we want to try and give you a few good reasons why you should ditch your  shower in favour of a nightly bath...

1.  Baths are good for your health.
It's true, there have been many studies on the effects that baths can have on your overall health, body and wellbeing.  Some studies like this one, found that bathing in a warm bath for around an hour (making sure your neck/chest is under the water) can have a similar effect on your body as half an hour of exercise.  Now, bathing definitely shouldn't replace your daily exercise but its great to know that you can get so many similar effects from a bath.  Another study (this one) has also found how a warm bath can lower your blood pressure for a short amount of time. Your mind health can also reap the benefits of bathing as its been shown that its a great anti-anxiety tool to help you reduce stress.

2.  If your looking for a better sleep, take a bath.
Taking a warm bath (not scolding hot) for around 15 minutes a few hours before bed can help you have a better sleep and sleep quicker too. (see here).  It's thought that by raising your temperature in a warm bath and then giving your body a few hours before going into your nice cool bed is what triggers a reaction and helps you sleep really well. So if your needing a really restful nights sleep, taking a nice quick bath might just do the trick.

3.  Making a ritual.
Making time in your schedule to have a bath a few times a week can become an amazing ritual.  Having rituals in your routine can become a really wonderful way to reduce daily stress.  You can turn your bathing experience into a really mindful moment, try including essential oils or natural bathing treatments like Himalayan or Epsom salts into your water and not only will your body be soothed  but so will your mind.  Maybe put on a facemask and listen to a podcast or some of your favourite music to add to the calming environment.

So the next time you have a bath, enjoy!