New Year's Eve seems like a lifetime ago, doesn't it? Can you believe it was only a few weeks ago?
We are so happy to be back after our holiday break and can't wait to get sharing all the exciting things that we have been working on for all the days, weeks and months ahead.

We picked the above quote to share today because we think it sums up what thirteen:fourteen is all about, we don't want to be perfect and we don't want to try and give you advice on how to be the perfect size, have the perfect body or perfect life.  That's not what we are about and that doesn't change just because it's a new year.  Perfect doesn't exist but practising things to help become the best version of yourself does and that's what we believe in.

We want to be the most authentic version of our self and sometimes that means embracing our mess and our chaos and we want to be there to help you do the same.

Think of us as your new best friend who you can come to for some non judgemental advice. We want to share words of wisdom with you from people who are doing really amazing things, we want to shout about them and learn from them and hopefully help you do the same.
We want to tell you all about the new beauty, makeup and skincare that will care for you inside as well as outside, we want to tell you about books that might change your life and music that will make you happy.
We want to share about all things natural that will shake your world and might help you get nearer to becoming your most authentic self.
We will be here to hold your hand if your taking a new path, give you a shoulder when your looking for help and a nudge in a new direction when you need a little inspiration.

thirteen:fourteen is still finding its feet, so you might notice a few changes around here already (hey, new colour scheme) and things might keep moving about a little till we settle into our home right here on the internet but its going to be such an exciting year ahead for us and we can't wait to share this journey with you all.

You can see new content from us every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (with more days coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled) and catch up with us on our Twitter and Facebook.  If you need more than one hit of thirteen:fourteen a day, then you need to head over to our instagram.  We have a ton of wonderful things about to happen over there, we will be sharing videos, extra pictures and content everyday.  Check out our feed and instagram stories daily to keep up to date.

We are sending you all love and light for the beautiful year ahead.

Emma and team thirteen:fourteen

*Above quote is taken from the Netflix show Atypical.