If you don't already own this cult green tube, then you need to asap.

Weleda began in a small shed in Switzerland in 1921 and is now a massive brand that is sold in over 50 countries worldwide and is one of the most respected all natural companies that there is.  Sticking to their original beliefs and philosophy, Weleda only allows the most pure and non-toxic, healing ingredients into their products.

The brand has many, many wonderful and powerful products but by far their most iconic and legendary is Skin Food.

'The Little Green Tube' as it's dubbed, is billed as a super hydrating cream for extremely dry skin.  Which it definitely is, but it majorly undersells its self with its own description.  So lets talk about how and where we use it...

For it's original use, it definitely is a dream for any kind of dry skin on your body, hands, feet, elbows knees.  One use of this and your dry, cracked and sore skin is recovered.  This is our daily hand cream.

For your face, this can be the dreamiest moisturiser.  The formula is thick, probably the thickest type of face cream or body cream that you will have used.  Your previous skincare knowledge will be telling you that its too heavy for your face and will leave it greasy but by some miracle it doesn't.  We prefer using this as a skin treatment a few times a week, a sort of intense heavy moisturiser and we use it at night so it gets to work on our skin as we sleep.  You will wake up with the most soft and hydrated skin of your life.

For your make-up, if your having one of those no-make, make-up days where you just want to look really healthy and glowy, pop some of this on your cheeks over your foundation for the most beautiful glowy and subtle sheen.

For everything else, if you have a cut, or some problem skin area that is dry and sore then try using some Skin Food on it.  It's packed with the most healing and skin soothing ingredients that will get your skin back to its healthiest condition.  If you work outside or are outside a lot in the cold, you can apply a layer of this onto your face or hands before you leave the house and it forms a protective barrier against the elements keeping your skin from cracking and peeling with the weather.

Even though the formula is so rich, once rubbed into your skin the product only takes a minute or so to dry in and leaves no transfer or sticky residue either, so no marks on your pillows or clothes.

Once kept as a make-up artist secret Weleda Skin Food is now a must have on every beauty shelf. The likes of Adele, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham swear by it too.

So here's the extra good news, not only will this cream probably, maybe change your skin game for life, it's also only a few pounds.  You can pick this up for £6.95 and it lasts for a long time too.

You can buy Skin Food HERE