Björk & Berries is a Swedish botanical skincare and perfume house dedicated to capturing the beauty and benefits of Swedish nature in its purest form – and recreating that experience in expertly crafted products people use every day.
At thirteen:fourteen we are lucky enough to try out many different non-toxic brands and one that has really stuck out for us since we started using it last year, is Bjork & Berries.  
This Swedish bath, body and face brand describe themselves as ecoluxury and that is exactly what you get when you use their products.

Packaged in some of the most beautiful bottles, jars and boxes that we've seen in the 'green beauty' market, Bjork & Berries give you the luxury that can often be missing in more natural products.  You will want your bathroom and beauty shelves to be lined with their beautiful products, the stunning design makes them real statement pieces.

The brand use centuries old,  Swedish beauty traditions to create their line.  This means most of the ingredients are based in wild herbs, plants and berries, so not only do the products work wonders for your skin but some people may even find them healing for certain skin problems too.

We wanted to share with you some of our favourite stand out products from the line that we think you will love....

They also have a fantastic break down of all the ingredients that they use, what they are good for, what kind of skin they will work for and what kind of conditions they can soothe and heal.  I would really recommend taking a look at that HERE.

So onto some of our favourites...

Botanist Body Lotion 
"The scent of Botanist is inspired by the deep Swedish forest and a rambling wild botanical
garden. An invigorating scent of fresh green apples, blackcurrant leaves and smoky black tea combined with woody notes of birch and an undertone of masculine vetiver and patchouli."
We have to take a minute to talk about the scent of this product.  It is the most beautiful thing we have smelled.  The blend of natural oils has created the most stunning fragrance that lasts all day, meaning no need at all for any kind of perfume.  It's strong without being over powering and we are in love with it.  
The lotion itself is super hydrating, not very thick and dries in seconds.  Meaning no greasy marks or stains on our clothes.  We felt the dryness of our skin improved greatly whilst using this lotion too.  Be warned though, when you wear this, you will get people complimenting you on your scent, its that amazing! Buy it HERE

Never Spring Body Oil
"A deeply hydrating body oil with organic sea buckthorn, birch extract and natural oils with nourishing antioxidants, leaving the skin with an instant glow. Vitamin E protects the skin from free radicals."
We were a little scared to try this oil as we didn't know how a full body glow would look in winter but it turns out we didn't have anything to worry about.  The glow isn't actually a 'glow', its just a really hydrated looking sheen.  No shimmer, glitter or highlight in sight at all.  
The smell of the oil is also beautiful but the complete opposite to the body lotion.  The body oil  super light smelling and very citrus and summer inspired.
The oil is very light in texture and again dries in seconds meaning that you can get dressed right away.  You only need a very small amount of the oil though as it goes a really long way!  This kept our skin really soft and smooth all day.  You can also use the oil on your face and hair too! Buy it HERE

Firming Hydra Mask 
"True to its name, this mask is smart, age proofing and radiance boosting and is packed with soothing marigold flowers and toning white clay. Together with essential oils, these immediately clarify, soothe and refine the skin’s texture helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and slack skin tone."
This is a mask that you will really want in your collection.  Its not got much of a smell, more a natural clay scent which we really enjoyed.  
It's super thick and has a beautiful cooling feeling on the skin.  This feels like a very luxurious treatment on your face.  
We love the plumped feeling and glow our skin has after we use this, our skin looks rejuvenated and a lot more youthful. 
This has been a staple in our skincare routine since we first got our hands on it. Buy it HERE

We were also lucky enough to have a sneaky peek at a new product that the brand are releasing soon, their rescue cream.  This thick and restorative cream will definitely live up to its name for dry and rough skin as soon as its released.  We can't wait!

If you are looking for a brand that is based on traditional natural skincare but with a beautifully modern and luxury feel to it, then Bjork & Berries is for you.

You can find the brand in Space NK, John Lewis, Cult Beauty and other outlets too.