Mascara is the one makeup product that most people can’t live without. It is our trusty sidekick to help make us look wide awake even when we don’t feel it. It has the ability to make your eyes sparkle and bring your whole makeup together, so it’s important to pick one that is right for you. Finding your perfect mascara is a bit like finding the perfect hairdresser right? You look for one your whole life then when you finally find them you stick with them forever. But sometimes it’s nice to try something new. 
One of the toughest things about switching over to non toxic beauty is finding a mascara that works like a traditional mascara does. So we thought we would put to the test 3 of the most popular natural, non-toxic mascaras, try them out and let you know what we think, so that you can treat yourself and your eyelashes this Christmas.

Kjaer Weis  - This is one of the most popular natural mascaras on the market and after using it we now understand why! The brush is small and quite thin with short bristles.  The brush seems to be able  to catch even the smallest of your lashes and coat them thoroughly to make them stand out.  The formula is nice and thick even from the first use which means that you really only need one or two layers and you are good to go. We found we could get nearly an exact look using this mascara to what we got using a traditional mascara.  We got no clumping at all (actually we never got any sort of clumping from any of the mascaras that we tried, it seems like natural formula's just don't do that thankfully) we also got no flaking, smudging or transfer from our top or bottom lashes using this either.  We have worn this for long, full days and its held up extremely well and we loved how black this made our lashes too.  Kjaer Weis mascara makes your lashes long and full and gives you a lot of separated definition.  We can see why many celebrities and make up artists swear by this, it really is a super amazing product.  You can buy it on Cult Beauty.

W3ll People- This has a medium wide wand that is a little wider than Kjaer Weis. We love how deep, dark and black the colour of this mascara is and that it’s a thick consistency rather than runny and watery which never works great for a mascara. We found this gave us very long, elongated lashes but with not much added thickness. One coat just gave us a wide awake look but we felt like we needed at least three to give us a more defined lash. We had a little smudging underneath our lash lines on a couple of occasions, nothing terrible, only a really small mark but but it's worth noting.  We recommend this mascara if you want a very natural, 'your lashes but better' appearance. You can buy it on the W3ll People's website. 
Odylique- This brush is probably our favourite of the bunch as its most like traditional bristle mascara brushes. It’s very, very thick and full and manages to catch onto all your lashes big or small. This is also super dark and has a really lovely consistency that sticks to your lashes amazingly well and dries extremely fast too. We got really full and long lashes with this mascara and with only two thin coats. One coat is lovely for day time with this one too. This doesn’t claim to be waterproof but after some unintentional testing (thank you stubbed toe) it didn’t budge and no tell tale black marks on our cheeks. Our lashes dried to quite a solid feel with this mascara on, which helped keep our lashes curled all day long. This is a favourite of Emma Watson and we can see why. It’s much better than a lot of traditional mascaras we’ve tried and it’s a joy to wear. Buy this if your looking for a mascara that can give you a natural look and a strong night look too. You can buy this mascara here.