Today, the 18th of December the new moon moves into Sagittarius.

With Sagittarius being the driving force behind this ship, it brings with it motivation, passion, hope and optimism for the coming month.

If you remember, last month's new moon in Scorpio brought with it rebirth and transformation, it gave us the chance to really come to terms with what has went on in our life over the past year, the good and the bad.  We were given the chance of a clean slate.

Well, this months new moon wants to continue on with the good work that you did in November.  This new moon is all about using your new reconnected self in the best way.  Sagittarius wants to give you the push you need in the right direction and offer you the chance to go down the path that is truly meant for you.

It can be hard to let go of who we were, old patterns, behaviours or even people.  But we must let go of these things if they are toxic to us and our life.  We must listen to our intuition and really use all the lessons that you were given this year to move forward.

2017 has been a year of questions for most people.  All the missteps and wrong paths that you might have went down whilst trying to find the answers were trying to teach you something.  Sometimes though in the moment it's hard to listen.  When things go wrong its hard to hear through our worry, anxiety and heartache.  We often miss the lesson but that's why its important this month to take a look back at what you were being taught, were you being shown that you need to take more breaks, be less selfish, listen more or put yourself first sometimes?  Work out what your lessons were and use them to guide your way into the new year, being a better you.

But remember you are 'glancing' back into the year, not dwelling. Don't use this time as a reason to mull over the disappointments you faced, they are gone and must be let go of for your new year to be better.

This new moon really is such a wonderful time to reassess and focus on what you want to achieve and become in the next year.  2018 is all about using this new version of yourself that you reconnected with and expanding on it.  Sagittarius is giving us so much passion and energy over the next four weeks to really start making our beliefs a reality.  This month the energy you feel about your life and community will be electric, nothing will seem impossible and it might just be the best start to any New Year you've had.

Have patience, really trust your instinct and something truly wonderful may just appear...

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