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We are so excited to share with you all the books that we have loved reading in November (it's going out a little late due to last weeks technical difficulties on the site). We really hope you love hearing about all our favourite new books. Enjoy!

Not Dumb, Not Blonde by Randy L. Schmidt - This is a collection of interviews that dolly gave  over the last 46 years . Dolly Parton is one of thirteen:fourteen's main inspirations and whenever we read a Ms Parton interview her wisdom shines through and dazzles us, so having a book full of her words is just a joy to read. There are so many gems to take away in this book, things to learn about dolly but also words to inspire you. This is a must read for any Dolly Parton fan. Buy it on Amazon

Elements by Yasmin Heinz - This stunning book is a large coffee table tome, that holds the most striking, beautiful images inside it. The book is a look back on Yasmin Heinz work. Yasmin has been a makeup artist for many years and her work is like art. The photography in this book is not only vibrant but also so full of life. This would make a perfect gift for anyone who has a deep appreciation for makeup and wants to learn more about the craft and try out more stylised looks too. Buy it on Amazon

The Salt Line by Holly Goddard Jones - "In an unspecified future, the United States' borders have receded behind a salt line - a ring of scorched earth that protects its citizens from deadly disease-carrying ticks. Those within the zone live safe lives in a society controlled by a common fear. Few have any reason to venture out of zone, except for the adrenaline junkies who pay a fortune to tour what's left of nature. Once out of zone, this group finds itself at the mercy of deadly ticks - and at the centre of a murderous plot. How far are they are willing to go to get to the right side of the salt line?"
We wanted to share with you the blurb for this book because we wanted to do the story justice and felt like it was pretty difficult to sum up the genre defying story in just a few words.  This mysterious yet thrilling book takes you on a journey that will have you on the edge of your seat.  The powerful narrative makes this other worldly story seem all too real at times and will leave you desperate to read more from the author.  A must read for anyone who loves a twist on traditional sci-fi novels. Buy on Amazon 
The Art Of The Good Life by Rolf Dobelli - We read this book in nearly one sitting, we just couldn't put it down.  Rolf has written such an interesting book full of really, really helpful and practical advice on how to achieve what he thinks most of us are striving for, 'The Good Life'.  This is a no nonsense guide on how to get more out of life.  A lot of self-help type books can leave you struggling to understand how to implement the tips and tricks they suggest into your life, some are complicated and just not very helpful but we have to say this is one of the best we have read in a really long time.  Everything in the book just made so much sense.  This book is especially helpful if your needing a better work life balance or if your starting to think about having your own business or creating something where you want to accomplish it in a certain time frame as there are so many tools in the book to help you do this.  We really recommend this, it's such an insightful read. Buy on Amazon

Moonlight over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan - This is our book of the month.  We don't have a picture of it above as we read the ebook version but we can assure you the cover is beautiful too.  Sarah Morgan writes perfect contemporary books.  They are fun, light and heart-warming, her words are like a metaphorical cup of hot chocolate on a snowy winters night.  Moonlight over Manhattan is the last book in her New York series and we think it might be our favourite one of hers yet.  Sarah has written 6 books in her New York series, each book concentrates on a different person in a group that are all connected to each other.  You can read them in sequence or not, it doesn't matter as they are stand alone books with only slight nods to the other characters in the previous books.  Moonlight Over Manhattan features Harriet who, being so shy challenges herself to do one thing everyday in December that scares her.  Whilst doing that, Harriet pushes herself out of her comfort zone more than ever, expands her business, meets new friends and Ethan black who might be the biggest challenge of all.  A must read over the Christmas period, you won't regret it. Buy on Amazon