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Grounding, a word you've probably been hearing a lot about lately.  But what exactly is grounding (which is sometimes called Earthing) and why should we be doing it?

Well, grounding might sometimes come with scientifically complicated explanations but its actually really simple.

Basically it's all about your body coming into contact with the earth and grounding itself.  Why? Well the earth as we know, is an electrical planet and we as humans are capable of generating electricity .  The earth has a negative force and because of the lives we live nowadays with technology and just modern life in general, our bodies build up a positive force or charge.  So by touching the grounds negative force it counteracts our overly positive one and our bodies are balanced to a neutral state which is optimum for our bodies to work best.

So how do we do this? It honestly couldn't be simpler and its free too.

Have your hands, feet or both touch the ground. The important aspect of this is that it has to be your bare skin, so no shoes or socks involved, the grounds electricity cannot penetrate our rubber soled shoes.  Grass and soil are perfect to walk on but if you can't find any of that concrete works fine too.

And that's it.  There is no set time or limit on how long you need to do it for .  We make sure we walk barefoot around our garden at least a few times a week and we definitely feel the benefits.

So what are the benefits? There hasn't been too much research published about grounding but a lot of scientists who are currently studying the effects of grounding say that there is a possibility of many positive health benefits. Here and Here are some really exciting articles about some controlled studies that have taken place on grounding. This research found a dramatic difference on participants blood  cells and others reported vast improvement on pain management for things like arthritis and other inflammatory disease, reduced stress and anxiety and major reductions in sleeping problems.

After walking with bare feet in our garden we feel so much calmer and definitely find it it easier to concentrate too.
Grounding is something that a lot of people are sceptical because of the lack of knowledge we have about it.  But for us, we love it and can only see positives in it.  What's the worse that can happen, okay so even if you don't personally experience a difference in your health, you've at least taken some time to walk or stand outside and that can only be a positive, right?