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We first heard L Devine's debut EP last Friday and since then we have had it on repeat. Every single song is blowing our minds right now.

Liv Devine (L Devine) is a 20 year old singer songwriter from Newcastle who has created the most magical 5 song EP.  Growing Pains is all about the trials and tribulations of growing up, finding yourself and your tribe.  Its about love, life and living... it's all kinds of beautiful.

Liv and director Emil Nava  have created the most stunning visuals to go with the EP, it's a 9 minute mini movie filmed around where she is from, it features the places and the people who inspired the record.  It's dreamy and you can watch it here.

Below are some words from Liv on each song and the whole EP, which you can find on Spotify or simply click play and have a listen now. Enjoy...

When The Time’s Right - a pop tack about a faltering relationship, Devine explains, “You want to be with them but they're going through stuff and their head isn't in the right place. You want to let them know you'll still be there when they've figured it out.”

School Girls - which Devine wrote when she’d just finished school. “I was so excited to leave the world of cliquey bitchy drama behind and come into the adult world,” she says. “However, I quickly realised you find those types of people throughout life, no matter who you are or how old you are".

Party On Our Own - explores Devine’s preference for a chilled evening in over a night of clubbing. “I've always felt this pressure growing up to be mad into partying and to love going out to clubs with all my friends. I feel so uncomfortable in those places and would have much rather stayed at home and chilled with everyone. The lyric is me saying: f**k it, I'm not boring! I just have fun like this!”

Like You Like That - Devine imagines this to be the soundtrack to “exactly what I'd hear if I imagined what running up to my crush and confessing everything I thought and everything I'd ever wanted to say to them.”

Panic - Devine’s reflects, “Panic is about that ‘oh s**t’ moment when you've fallen for the person you weren't supposed to and the panic of feeling something you've never felt before. It’s about being in love for the first time and what a scary thing that is.”