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We love makeup here at thirteen:fourteen and we love nothing more than those days where you have endless amounts of time to sit and play around and try different looks and styles.  But not everyday is like that and more often than not, you will end up with 5 minutes spare to do your whole face before you have to fly out the door.

It's so much easier if one product can do more than one thing on your face and that's why we love the W3ll People Nudist Multi-Use Cream Sticks.

These little wonder sticks come in three shades and can be used as eyeshadow, blush and lip colour.  They are so soft and creamy, they just glide on your skin but with a real punch of pigment.  You can use it lightly for a really subtle hint of colour or apply a teeny bit more for a stronger colour.

We love to use our fingers for applying the sticks as you can really blend it into  your skin seamlessly this way.. The colour has real staying power, especially on cheeks.  We apply this early in the morning and when it comes to us removing our makeup at night we still look super rosy cheeked.  Because the stick is creamy, its super hydrating but it doesn't crease or slip into any lines or wrinkles on our skin either.

How we like to wear it
For eyes, we dap a little at the edge of our eyelids and just up into the eye socket,  this gives a really mellow splash of colour and keeps our  eyes looking bright and white.  This is perfect for when you don't want to have full colour all over your eyes but want to look more awake.

For cheeks, we use this on the apples of our cheeks and blend in an upward motion along our cheekbone to the edge of our face near the tops of our ears, this will give the illusion of higher cheekbones and a lifted face.  The hit of the blush gives such a beautiful youthful sheen to your makeup.

For lips, we take our finger and pat a small amount of this colour on our lips for a 'stain' of colour.  For a stronger colour, we take a lip brush and paint the shade on our lips like a lipstick and you get a more intense shade.  This is super hydrating on your lips too, so this is a great thing to use instead of your lip balm.

The W3ll People sticks really do cut down how long it takes us to put on our make up, its so quick and easy to apply and it does so many different things.  It's amazing to know that everything in it is also natural and non toxic to our skin and bodies too.

You can buy the Multi-Use Sticks on W3ll People.  The above colour is in shade Nude Rose
If you can't get your hands on some W3ll People in the UK, then try the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek or the Classic Multi-Use Blush from Vapour.  Both are super similar to the Nudist Stick, RMS Beauty's is a little more dewy but they can all be used on lips, eyes and cheeks.