Tomorrow on the 18th of November, there is a new moon in Scorpio.

With Scorpio ruling, this new moon is all about rebirth and transformation.  This is going to be a pretty exciting month for us all, so hold onto your hats...

In May of this year, there was a Scorpio full moon and this is when most of us started to feel some changes in the air.  They could have been big or small, professional or personal, or maybe you just started to notice a shift in your thoughts or your views.  Think back to May and see if you remember anything, did you start to make a move on a project, get the courage to talk to someone you normally wouldn't or get an idea for something exciting? It's fun to think back and see how we were affected by this without evening knowing...

Well, Scorpio is back to finish off what it started in May.  The full moon was the warm up act, getting you ready for the main event, which occurs tomorrow.  This new moon is where all your changes come into action.  Those plans that you started to make will begin to take effect.  The thoughts that you were having, will come to life and those new people that were brought into your life will show you this month why you were always meant to encounter them on your path.

This year has felt challenging for many people.  There has been many changes, twists and turns.  Life may have felt tough or confusing at times.  All these things that have happened throughout the year have been to push you to where you are now. 

With all new beginnings, it's really important to shed the past before you can move on.  Take time tomorrow to give thanks for all that you have been through, good and bad because its brought you here, to this very moment.  Your history has carved you into the beautiful light that you are in the world and that's something to always be grateful for.  Thank the universe for the experiences but get ready to embrace your new road ahead with a clean slate.

Change can be unsettling and can bring its own type of anxiety to your life.  But it's important to know that the energy that Scorpio is bringing to November is one of patience and calmness.  These changes will not be sudden, they will be exactly where and when you need them and you'll find yourself welcoming them with open arms. 

The next four weeks is a time to truly accept yourself for who you are, you are being reborn into your most authentic self and good things are around every corner if your willing to take the leap.

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