At thirteen:fourteen we are so passionate about wellness and wellbeing.  Those two words mean a lot of different things to different people, but for us wellness and wellbeing means taking care of your mind, body and soul.  We believe that if you don't take care of one, then everything goes out of balance.  Having a fit and strong body is no use to you if your mind is stressed, sad and anxious. Giving those three factors, mind, body and soul, in your life equal attention is what we believe will help you live your best life.

We are striving to make thirteen:fourteen a haven of information and inspiration to empower you to become your most balanced and authentic self, so that you can live the life you deserve.  So when we came across another resource that we think could really help you come closer to reclaiming balance, especially in your mind, we couldn't wait to share it with you.

Head Talks is a website that is packed full of videos, podcasts and articles that are all free to watch, read and listen to.  The site aims to be a toolkit for your mental health.  The videos and podcasts feature real life accounts from people talking about their mental health. The topics range from depression, anxiety and self harm to mediation, breathing techniques and finding happiness to name just a few.
There are a wealth of people (most very well known) talking with such honesty and heart about their life and mental health.  They talk about when it was bad, when it was good and all the in between.  Each video is only around 10 minutes, with the podcasts coming in a little bit longer, so they are extremely accessible and quick to watch even if you only have a few minutes.

The Toolbox feature lets you make a playlist of anything that you like from the site, things that you watched and enjoyed, things that you want to listen to at a later date and you create this in one list so that whenever you are having a bad day, need reassurance or just want to listen to someone else's story, you can can log in and start watching your playlist straight away.
You can also share the playlists, so if you know of someone who is having a hard time or finding it difficult to deal with certain situations, you can make them a playlist of relevant content on the site and send it to them.

Mental Health has so long been associated with another word, 'problems'.  By adding that word, it becomes very easy for some people to distance themselves from the first two.  If you don't have anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders or any other labelled condition, then you can sometimes feel removed from the phrase mental health, you feel like it's something you don't need to bother yourself with.
But we do.   Take away the word mental and replace it with mind, we all have one and we all need to keep it healthy. It's as simple as that.  Mind health or mental health, whatever you choose to call it,  is something that we should be checking in on frequently, if not daily.

We need to learn to educate ourselves as a society on mental health problems more, not only so we can help ourselves but to help those around us when they are suffering.  We also need to realise that mind health is something that we all need to work on too.  That's why we love Head Talks so much, as it encourages us to grow our awareness and knowledge of our minds and to give ourselves new techniques on how to keep our mind, body and soul as balanced as possible.

We really encourage you to have a look around the Head Talks website, we have been so inspired watching the videos especially, so we wanted to share with you two of our favourites below...Enjoy.