Finding a natural deodorant that actually works can seem like a daunting experience not to mention costly.  So we thought we would put together some tips and tricks that we’ve gained through a lot of trial and error, sweaty pits and many discarded deodorants...

Do a Deodorant Detox
This is our number one piece of advice when it comes to natural deodorants.  We know it sounds a little crazy to detox your under arms but honestly it really works. When you switch over from an antiperspirant (the traditional aluminum based ones) to a natural deodorant, you need to get rid of the junk that has been collected in your sweat glands and your skin over the years of antiperspirant use. When we first switched over to the natural side we were left with red, itchy, spotty and sore underarms, at first we thought like many people, it was a reaction to our new natural deodorant but it wasn’t  because after the detox all the irritation went away and our deodorant worked perfectly. Another bonus we found after doing the detox was that we felt like the amount we actually sweated was cut in half and it’s something that a lot of people find too after detoxing.  When you stop using an antiperspirant sometimes your body goes into overdrive and starts to sweat way more than you normally would because it’s been so long since its had the chance to do so.  The detox hits a reset button in your underarms and helps it calm down and find your own bodies natural balance.  You only need apple cider vinegar and a little bit of Bentonite Clay if you want a deep detox.  Head over HERE to read how to do it.

Use A  Natural Soap
When you use traditional soap or body gel they form a sort of barrier under your arms and can trap odour in.  Our tip is to use a liquid Castile soap (we love Dr Bronner) which is all natural and cleans you just as well as traditional body washes but without the invisible barrier being left on your skin.

Body Brush
When you are in the transitioning period of antiperspirant to natural, if you dry brush under your arms it encourages your body to release the toxins quicker and it helps your detox move along faster too.

Exercise And Take Baths
If you’re not up for the deodorant detox with the Apple Cider Vinegar, try detoxing your underarms using different methods so that you get the full benefit of your natural deodorant.  Excessive sweating either through exercise or taking a hot bath will help purge out your underarms and the build up from traditional antiperspirant.  It will take longer than the other detox we mentioned but you should eventually see the same results.

Drink Drink Drink
And we mean water by the way! You should always be keeping yourself fully hydrated but you want to make a special effort when your switching deodorants as again it will help you flush out your system and be smelling sweeter much quicker.

Apply Deodorant More Than Once A Day
With antiperspirant most of us only have to use them once a day and you’re still smelling fresh and staying dry till bedtime.  Natural deodorants are different and you are encouraged by most product labels on the deodorants to apply however many times a day you need.  Now we never re-apply with this one.  But depending on which brand you choose to use you might have to, especially after heavy exercising or just really hot and humid conditions.

Change Your View On What Deodorant Is
For many of us we are used to a very dry feeling under our arms using antiperspirant but with natural deodorant that isn’t what you’re always going to feel.  If you’re in a ‘sweaty situation’ your underarms might feel damp.  If you have your deodorant with you, apply a little more and that feeling will go instantly.  Just change what your expectations are for you deodorant, these natural deodorants really do work just as well at keeping sweat smells away but we have to embrace that they work a little differently.
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We are sending you all the positive vibes in you natural deodorant journey. May your pits always smell fresh.