I was always someone who grew up talking about fate, destiny, serendipity or whatever word you want to use to describe that belief.  Which is of course that the universe has a premade path ready and waiting for you to walk down.

But honestly, I don't think I ever used those words because I 'really' believed in them, more so that I wanted to believe in them, wanted it to be true.

I loved the romanticised idea of what fate and destiny meant (and yeah serendipity too if John Cusack was involved).
I thought there was something so beautiful in the idea that each and every one of us had this unique and special jigsaw just waiting for us to find all the missing pieces to be put together.  But I can't say I ever really felt this universal pull to push me down a certain path in life or a feeling to make one decision over another.

Until I did and then everything changed.

I realise now I was so unconnected with myself and who I was that I couldn't have made out a sign or feeling from the universe if it had smacked me over the head (true story it once did in the form of a metal pole and um yeah....it wasn't fun).  But as soon as I stripped all the things away that  didn't need to be part of my life, toxic feelings or emotions, fear about the what ifs and maybes of the future and started to live in the moment, I finally found myself and the path that the universe had for me. 

Some people say that we already have all the answers inside of us but i don't think i believe that.  I believe that we have the tools within us, a natural instinct, to tell us when we've found the right answers.  Whether the answers be in the form of a place, a situation or a person.
I think we are all born with this internal signal to help us locate what or who we are meant to have in our life.  The trouble is we've got to really be able to trust and listen to ourselves to get that nudge in the right direction.

 I  try to be as open to the path i think the universe has already laid out for me as i can.  And i do that by being as connected to myself as possible.  I still think there is something romantic in having the belief that every moment and every twist and turn in life was pre-made for you but knowing that it was your instinct, your bravery, your courage that brought these magical moments all to life is pretty damn cool too.