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Are you struggling with your skin? 
Is it too oily or too dry?
Do you have acne or are struggling with constant breakouts?
Or do you just not understand why your skin never looks flawless, clear and smooth?

If you've answered yes to any of those questions then The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) might just be what your looking for.

The basics of OCM is that oil dissolves oil.  Facial oils dissolve the dirt and bacteria that is clogging your pores and giving you spots.   When you use oils, they will extract everything out of your pores, clean them and keep them dirt free.

Not only will using OCM remove all the dirty bacteria from your skin, it will also restore balance to your skin so that it can find its own natural rhythm of how much oil it should be producing.

For years and years we have all been using cleansers and toners and moisturizers that claim to nourish, hydrate and calm our skin.  We use these, often super expensive products to try and treat our skin problems. Nine times out of ten, they either don't help at all or if they do its only for a little while. We always end up blaming our skin and thinking that it's the problem.

When in fact, it really isn't.  It's all these toxic, chemical laden products that we've been using.  So many of these products take away our skins natural ability to balance and heal itself.  These products strip our skin so much of all its oil that it often freaks out and becomes so dry and flaky that it can't recover on its own or produces so much oil as its trying to overcompensate for how much its being stripped.

It all becomes a vicious cycle that sometimes feels like you'll never get out of.

That's where The Oil Cleansing Method comes in.  This natural and gentle cleansing routine is safe for all skin types and for years people have been curing their skin troubles through this simple routine.

There are a lot of different mixtures out there that you can use to create your own cleanser.  Sometimes it will be trial and error to find the oils that work best for your skin but we wanted to share with you, the mixture that we use and find that its suitable to get most people started.

The basis of the recipes are normally two oils, one to clean your skin and one to nourish.  Again some people feel they need another oil to balance things out and that's completely fine too.

So what oils do we use? 

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We use a blend of Castor oil and jojoba oil.  Castor oil is super thick, its anti-inflammatory, healing and perfect to cleanse with as it is so powerful at removing any traces of dirt and bacteria. 
Jojoba oil is our favourite oil, it is the closet oil to the one our skin naturally produces and its super hydrating. 

We recommend making very small batches so that you can test out how the mixture works for your skin.  We use 1 teaspoon of Castor oil and 2 teaspoons of jojoba.  Alternatively you can try a half and half blend of 1 teaspoon Castor and 1 teaspoon jojoba.

Mix these oils in a glass (or non BPA plastic) bottle.  Use one pump and massage onto your dry skin.  We like to spend a good few minutes gently massaging our face with the oil, then run a flannel under hot water and place on your face. Hold it there until it cools after a minute or so then run it under the water and do the same with the other side of the flannel. Gentle pull the flannel over your face making sure to remove any excess oil.  Your face will feel like its slightly coated in oil, that's ok you want a little to be left on it.

And that's it, your good to go. We had very dry and dehydrated skin that nothing could change, it was painful, sore and at times very red.  Since using the OCM our skin has completely changed, its never felt as good and hydrated as it does now. .

A few tips on The Oil Cleansing Method...
- You can use this morning and night
- You want to make sure you never leave excess amounts of the oils on your face as this can create its own problem on your skin, so it really is important to only leave a thin layer of the oil on your face.  Make sure you use your flannel to gently remove the extra.
-This is an amazing make-up remover.  It removes every last trace of make-up even stubborn eye  make-up
-Buy good quality flannels, you don't want harsh cotton to hurt your skin.  We love these affordable ones from Superdrug.
- Don't let the water get too hot when your washing your oil off as it will scald your face.  You want it warm enough to steam and open your pores to remove any debris but not burning hot.
-Depending on your skin type some people don't use any moisturizer  after using the OCM, they feel  their skin is moisturized enough with the left over oil.  If like us you still need something extra, we like to use another oil to moisturize our face with or you can use a little jojoba and place it on the parts of your skin that need extra moisturizer .

And lastly you want to buy good quality, cold pressed and raw oils to use.  Our favourites are the Pukka Castor Oil which you can buy from Amazon and Tisserand Jojoba oil which you can get from Amazon too.  We also buy our glass bottles and our measuring jug from Baldwins.

We know how upsetting and painful having problematic skin can be, so we really hope you find a solution in The Oil Cleansing Method like we have.