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A few years ago finding a natural deodorant that worked seemed like a never-ending quest.  Fast forward to today and there are so many deodorants on offer that are made from non toxic ingredients that really do work.  It can take a bit of trial and error to find the good ones though, so we thought we would help you and do the trying for you.  Here are our thoughts on 3 natural deodorants....

1.  PiperWai  – Founded by Jess Edelstein and her best friend Sarah Ribner who were fed up with natural deodorants not working, so they decided to make their own.  They appeared on SharkTank and got a $50,000 investment in their company so they could grow the brand.

What’s in it?- PiperWai uses activated charcoal in their deodorant which eliminates the moisture you can get under your arms when using natural deodorant and it helps fight odour too.  It’s also packed with skin loving ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter and some essential oils too.

How do you use it? – It comes in a glass jar and has a thick gel like consistency.  You take a pea sized amount on your finger and rub it under you arms until the gel turns clear and then you are good to go.

The good – This really works.  It completely leaves your underarm dry, even on really hot days or through exercise.  It smells really strong too.  The scent is a sort of menthol and it’s very fresh; it’s a lovely scent to use first thing in the morning.  We had long days wearing this deodorant and we didn't experience any kind of sweaty odour.

The bad – We don’t love the jar application.  It’s easy enough to use but then we have the strong smell of essential oils from the deodorant on our hands after applying it for the rest of the day.  PiperWai have just released this in stick form so that will definitely be on our must try list next.  We also had some markings on our clothes after using this deodorant, it came out after washing but we didn’t trust it enough after that to wear any white clothes when wearing it.  Also it has baking soda in it, it’s a small amount compared to most natural deodorants but still it’s something to be aware of if your are irritated by that ingredient.

Would we buy it again? – Yes but only in stick form!

Neal's Yard Peppermint & Lime Roll-On This is a London based apothecary that sells skin and body products with natural elements.

What’s in it?– A blend of odour fighting natural ingredients as well as essential oils

How do you use it? – This deodorant is a conventional roll-on in a glass container.  It worked the same way as a traditional roll-on deodorant does, just roll under your arms, leave to dry for a minute and your done.

The good- This smells lovely, such a beautiful blend of essential oils. The application is also really easy and effective to use.

The Bad – It didn’t work for us at all.  We persevered with this one for a long time to give it a fair chance but nothing seemed to help it work better. The scent from the deododrant, as beautiful as it is, only lasted on us for around 30 minutes then quickly disappeared.  This deodorant for us didn’t seem to give any kind of protection against sweat or odour at all.

Would we buy it again? – No

Schmidt's Sensitive Stick Geranium (this is from their sensitive line that doesn't contain any baking soda)
Founded by Jaime Schmidt in her Portland kitchen in 2010, Schmidt's mission is to change the way people think about natural.  Schmidt's is also about to branch out and launch natural bathroom and household products soon too.

What’s in it? – Plant based powders, minerals and essential oils all combined together to absorb wetness and fight odour.

How do you use it? – This comes in a cream stick roll-on, it's bigger than a traditional roll-on stick (you get way more product with Schmidt's) it just applies the same way.  Twist up the cream and roll.

The Good – This is amazing.  Everything that you want and need a natural deodorant to do, this has it covered and does it all really, really well.  The smell is strong, really strong and stays the whole day, only getting more subtle around bedtime.  It’s a beautiful strong floral fragrance that feels like you would want to wear it even if it wasn’t a deodorant.  The cream goes on so smooth and doesn’t stain or discolour your clothes, even your whites.  The underarm wetness is kept at bay although if you’re doing heavy exercise you will feel some moisture.  The best thing about Schmidt's for us is we have never smelled of sweat wearing it, no odour whatsoever.  This is our favourite natural deodorant  ever.

The bad – There isn’t any!

Would we buy it again?– Yes, we are already on our fourth stick! (In the picture above,  it's the travel size we have pictured, not the regular size)