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Thirteen:fourteen HQ is in Scotland, home of tartan, Gerard Butler and...Halloween.
Yep, you read that right. A little known fact is that the origins of Halloween can be traced back to Scotland specifically the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain which took place on November 1st every year to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of winter.

Unlike the more traditional Americanized version of Halloween that we’ve all come to know and love, the Samhain based Halloween was pretty different.  It is steeped in mystery and magic and we just love all the mystical vibes it brings.  So we thought it would be fun to share some ancient traditions with you all, that you might be able to incorporate into your Halloween celebrations tonight or tomorrow.  Have a read below of some of our favourites.

1.  Clear out bad vibes -Samhain was all about the living and the dead on the eve of the festival, Oct 31st. On this night the Celts believed that the spirits would walk amongst them, so they used the element of fire to ward them off. Either with bonfires, candles or turnip lanterns (which all these years later have become pumpkins because they are easier to carve and that’s why we put ‘scary’ faces on them too). After these fires were put out, the 1st of November was seen as a new beginning. So let that inspire you, use Halloween as a way to cleanse yourself of any negativity you’ve been feeling.   Light a candle, visualize all the things that have been a toxic force in your life lately. Mentally, give the people or things your love and kindness, send them your positive healing energy then give yourself the permission to release them from your life. After you've done this, blow out the candle, symbolising closure on that situation or relationship.

2.  The relationship test - This is a fun one for any couples. Normally this would only have been carried out by engaged couples but I’m sure we can stretch the rules. Each of you throw a nut into a fire or flame and if the nut burns quietly all is looking good for your future together but if the nut crackles and spits then it’s said your future as a couple will be rocky. This is of course not very scientific so take all results with a pinch of salt, this is a great one for parties.

3.  The decision maker - Are you struggling with a decision? If you are then this one is for you. In the lead up to midnight on the day before Halloween (tonight) ask yourself the question that you want to know the answer to, you’ve got to say it over and over again either out loud or to yourself. Do this for the 10 minutes leading up to midnight. Legend has it that as the clock strikes 12, your answer will be brought to you and you will know what to do. A twist on this is, 10 or so minutes before midnight tonight, start asking your question and as you do start turning the dial on a AM/FM radio. As the clock hits midnight, take your hand off the dial and whatever song is playing on the radio will hold the answer to your question. We can't wait to try this out, fingers crossed it's not despacito playing or we are going to have a long night with google translate.

4.  All about love - If your on the lookout for love then you are going to want to try this old tradition. Peel the skin of an apple in a continuous strip. Don’t stop until the peel is all off. Then, take the peel and throw it over your shoulder. It’s said that the shape the peel lands in will reveal the initial of your future husband or wife.

So even though you might not ‘actually’ find out if your marriage is going to work or find the name of your future love, we guarantee you’ll have a proper laugh trying!