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Tonight there is a new moon in Libra.

Libra is the sign of balance and relationships so this month these two themes will be at the forefront of your life.

Are all the relationships in your life going well? 
Do you feel like you could work on making them better, getting closer, sorting things out or even deciding who should and shouldn't be in your life?  Then this new moon will bring these situations to light this month and ask that you try and figure things out.

Uranus also influences this new moon which can bring unexpected but exciting opportunities and encounters.  Those who don't like change will feel unnerved by these situations at first and will fight against them.  Take time to process them and be patient with sudden changes, things will work out if you just give them time to unfold on their own.  Making quick, sudden judgements or decisions will cause drama and tension this month so just remember to take a time out and breath then reconsider the situation again, you might just find you can see the good clearer than the bad in it now.

The new moon in Libra also has the ability to bring in good health and wealth but only if you put in the effort and let yourself be guided in the direction the universe is taking you.  This is a good month to try as hard as you can to 'go with the flow' it might just reward you at the end of the month.

The biggest lesson that Libra has for us this month though is balance, this will be key to everything. Libra is represented by the 'Keeper of the scales' image.  It wants us to take time to balance our mind, body and soul.  If you feel frazzled or overwhelmed this month, this is Libra trying to force you to take a minute to stop and evaluate the balance in your life. If you feel overworked it's probably because you are and you need to balance your hard work with fun and self-care to get that balance right.  

Overall the key thing to remember under the new moon is to look at your life and who is in it and find balance with yourself and others, this will create more harmony in your life.  And to remember to not jump to conclusions this month but instead to stand back for a minute and take in the whole picture to really see what is going on.  Lastly, go with the flow, accept change into your life this month and understand it's there for a reason, don't fight it...

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