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One of the things we love about non-toxic beauty brands is that most of them are independent, small run businesses that have really inspiring, unique people who created them.  So we thought it would be fun to give you an insight into some of our favourite non-toxic brands and hear from the people who create the products in our new feature The Founders.   So today we wanted to share with you the story about lipstick brand Axiology from the founder Ericka Rodriguez.  Axiology is a completely natural and vegan brand that sells the most beautifully pigmented lipsticks.  We love how creamy and vibrant the colours are too.  With luxe packaging, wear time to rival most high end brands, and donating a percent of their yearly profit to charity, Axiology definitely deserves to be on your radar.  Read on to find out about Ericka's story...

1. We are such big fans of your lipsticks at thirteen:fourteen. What gave you the idea to create Axiology?
Thank you! I was frustrated with the beauty market, which led me to create Axiology. I was upset and horrified that animal testing still exists as well as the fact that chemicals and unhealthy ingredients are common in most cosmetics. I tried to find a beauty brand that was vegan, natural and cruelty free, but I didn't find one that was cool and had the branding that spoke to me and my age group (I was in my early twenties and living in NYC). Therefore, I started making lipsticks in my kitchen and Axiology evolved from there.

2. Have you always been interested in natural/non-toxic beauty?
Not always in beauty, but I have always been interested in natural foods. I have been a vegan and an animal advocate since I was a preteen. I have always been an avid ingredient reader, always making sure no animal products were in my food. After understanding the suffering many animals endure for our cosmetics, I became convinced that natural beauty was necessary for beauty as well as food.

3. Can you share with us a little bit about all the shades in the Axiology range?
Axiology currently has 21 lipstick shades and 6 lip crayon shades. All of our colours come from the earth. We use no synthetic colours in our shades, which makes our colours harmonious to all skin tones. It's pretty amazing the colours that nature can provide. We aimed at being unique in our shade range, offering colours like Enlighten, which is a lavender shimmer, and Phenomenon, which is a blue/black sheer.

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4. The packaging for your lipsticks have a really inspiring story behind them, can you tell us all about that?
I moved to Bali, Indonesia to study ingredients and launch Axiology. While I was there I met a women's collective who have been recycling paper for 25 years. These women started recycling paper as a way to combat the major trash problem on the island.  Locals in Bali have two choices when it comes to their trash; they can burn it or throw it in the ocean. These women decided to start collecting used paper from around the island, boiling it down to a pulp, laying it out in the sun to dry, and creating paper. They use this same process for the creation of our boxes.

5. If there is one piece of information you could pass on to someone who hasn’t converted to a non-toxic beauty regime yet, what would it be?
When you use toxic beauty products, not only is your body and the environment suffering, but animals are suffering as well.  Innocent animals are the ones who are testing these toxic ingredients. They live isolated lives and endure constant suffering so that companies can get approval for using cheap, synthetic chemicals to put in our beauty products. It's just not worth it.

6. You launched Axiology in your twenties, a really important time for growth. How has launching and running your own business shaped who you are now?
Running your own business is a training ground for life. In business, there are failures, successes, great and bad relationships, hard and good times, etc. All of this happens in life as well. Because I go through all of this constantly with Axiology, I think I have developed an understanding to the cycles of life. I am much more at peace with all the experiences life brings.

7. And lastly, we are all about empowering and inspiring each other at thirteen:fourteen, who has been the biggest inspiration in your life so far?
I am inspired by all the women who take a stand for what they believe in, who make waves, change perspectives and change entire industries. Some women I am admiring at the moment are Ingrid Newkirk, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, and Chloe Coscarelli.

You can read more about Axiology on their website and you can buy Axiology on Content Beauty.
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