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If you don’t already have Bentonite clay in your life, then you need to get yourself some, seriously it’s a game changer.
Bentonite clay has been used for years in many different cultures as it has so many powerful uses to help our skin and our health.
The clay when mixed with liquid (normally water or apple cider vinegar) becomes like a magnet for the toxins in your body, binds to them and then removes them from you through your skin.
Bentonite clay can come from a few different places and there are lots of brands out there that sell it but our all time favourite is the Aztec healing clay which you can buy from Amazon.  Each brand gives you their own instructions to use on the jars so follow them for mixtures but here are our favourite recipes to use.

Face Mask – We use equal parts clay and equal parts liquid to create a mask, which has been dubbed the most powerful facial in the world.  If you have sensitive skin try mixing one tablespoon of clay mixed with one tablespoon of water and keeping the clay on your face for only around 5 minutes.  If you want a stronger mask or have non problematic skin then try one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and one tablespoon of clay. Mix together, apply to your face and leave on for between 5 and 20 minutes depending on your skin type.
The mask will tighten and might even tingle as its activating on your skin.  Don’t freak out when you see how red your skin is after you wash it off, it settles down in around half an hour and its all part of the clay doing its job.
This mask extracts your spots. Your white and black heads literally fall out of your skin and it’s quite an experience to see it happening. The mask also leaves your face feeling so plump and hydrated and extremely soft in appearance.  This is such a fun mask to make and use and has helped clear our skin like no other mask ever has.

Deodorant Detox – This is a must if you’re switching to a natural deodorant as it helps the transition period between antiperspirant and nontoxic deodorants feel seamless.  The idea behind detoxing your underarms is to remove any build up of antiperspirant. If you have been using an aluminium based antiperspirant, this leaves behind residue in your sweat glands that you need to ‘clear out’ before your natural deodorant can fully work.  Using a traditional antiperspirant puts an ‘invisible mask’ over your underarms to keep any sweat and odour from being released so you need this detox to remove the 'mask', then your natural deodorant can penetrate your skin and really do its job of keeping you smelling sweet.
Our recipe for the detox is one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (we love THIS one), one teaspoon of water and one tablespoon of bentonite clay. Mix together and then apply to your underarms in a thin layer.  Leave on your skin for between 5 and 10 mins whatever feels most comfortable for you, then rinse off with water.  
We recommend doing this before bed and then the next morning apply your natural deodorant as normal.  We did this for two weeks every night and it made such a difference to our transition period.

Some special mentions when it comes to using this clay.  Don’t use any metal bowls or utensils like spoons when using bentonite as this can interfere with how strong the clay is and deactivate it.  Use wooden or BPA free plastic when mixing and stirring the clay.  We use a wooden spoon and BPA free plastic bowl.  We also use a makeup brush (a flat foundation shaped one) for applying the clay as we find it easier than using our fingers and a lot less messy.
There are so many uses for bentonite clay and these are just a couple of our favourites, have fun trying them out and finding new ways to incorporate this wonder clay into your world.