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One of our favourite products at thirteen:fourteen is Castile soap.  It's a do everything and anything kind of product, it's pretty reasonably priced and it lasts for a really long time, so it ticks about everything in our books.

Dr Bronner is our number one when it comes to Castile buying.  The range has many different scents and bottle sizes, there really is something for all your needs.

If your new to Dr Bronner and Castile, here is a little cheat sheet for you...

Who is Dr Bronner? -
Dr. Bronner’s was founded in 1948 by Emanuel Bronner, a third-generation master soap maker from a German-Jewish soap making family.  Emanuel's story really is extraordinary, such an inspiring life he led.  You can read about it HERE and it makes you understand and appreciate the company even more.  The brand is still completely family owned and run to this day.

What is Castile Soap?
It is an all-vegetable based soap that contains no animal fats like most modern soaps do.  It is a product made from completely natural ingredients too.

If it's all natural, does that means it's not antibacterial?
This is a common concern about Castile Soap but it turns out we don't have anything to worry about at all.  Here is an extract from Lisa Bronner's website (she is part of the Bronner family) explaining about it better than we could
..."Terms such as “antibacterial” actually have carefully regulated definitions. “Antibacterial” means that the product must kill 99.9% of germs. The term “disinfectant” means that the product must kill a mere 99% of germs. Dr. Bronner’s soap is part of the “disinfectant” category."

So what can we use this for?
 Dr Bronner's Castile soap is so famous because you can use it to clean just about everything.  On the bottle it says there are 18 uses for it but a quick google search and you will find at least a handful more.  The most important thing to remember is 'Dilute, Dilute' as the label reads.  It's a very pure concentrated product and for nearly every use you must dilute it, mostly always just with water.  Some of the ways you can use it are for...Handwash, Body Wash, Shampoo, Teeth Cleaner, Laundry Cleaner, Makeup Brush Cleaner and House Cleaner.
And that's only a few options, it really is a wonder product.  For more uses and tips of how to dilute it for each use, have a look HERE

There are a ton of scents to choose from too (our must have is the lavender, it calms you down and makes you smell beautiful, win win) so to learn more about castile or get your hands on some, go HERE.