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Having trouble sleeping?
Well we might just have a solution for you, Baa Baa Land  puts a new twist on the old saying of 'counting sheep to put you to sleep'.

Baa Baa Land is a 8 hour slow-movie epic made by the people behind the meditation app Calm.  Its aim is to be a piece of meditative and calming cinema that will make you feel relaxed and sleepy. 

The film takes place on a farm, where a camera filmed over the course of a day, the sheep grazing in a field and living their happy life and that's about it.  The film has no narrative or soundtrack other than what was naturally there on the day.  Birds singing, grass rustling and sheep baaing...a lot of baaing.

We have to admit even though we didn't watch a full 8 hours, we did end up watching a lot more than we expected and there is something very mesmerising and dare we say it, genuinely calming about watching the sheep and the sounds of nature. 

Baa Baa Land might be pretty unique with the tagline 'The Most Boring Movie Ever Made' and the plot summary 'Sheep standing in a field' but it does seem to do its job of making anyone who watches it calmer than when they started.

So the next time you can't sleep, click HERE and watch the film to help you nod off.

If you've not got a full 8 hours to spare, then you can take a look at the trailer below.