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The new moon is such a special time every month for us here at thirteen:fourteen. It’s a time for setting intentions and manifesting all the things you want to feel and achieve over the next four weeks. Today we thought we’d share a little bit about the new moon and some rituals that we do to celebrate its appearance every month...

 What is the new moon and why is it special?- The moon has eight phases and the new moon is one of them. You can’t see the moon at this phase. The significance of a new moon is that it’s seen as a fresh start, the beginning of a new cycle. This is a perfect time to start over, you get a metaphorical clean slate to try and do better and be better every month. It’s also a great time to grow and try and use the universe to help align yourself with the path your meant to be on.

 Setting an intention- Setting your intentions at the new moon means to ask the universe for help in guiding you to achieve what you want. To ask it to put you in the direction you want to go in. Not in a "I want to be rich way" but in a wanting to better yourself way. As you begin to set your intentions you have to ask yourself, what do you want the universe to help you with?

 Manifesting your intentions- Manifesting is when you take your intentions and you think about them in a positive way, you imagine them happening. You can manifest on how to achieve these intentions, what do you need to actively do this month to help your intentions become a possibility. Manifest the universe to guide you in the direction you need to be in and be open to life and everything happening around you.

 My rituals - We start by finding a quiet, calm and uncluttered place to sit before we begin, you want it to have nothing that can distract your thoughts, then we love to set our intentions by writing them down.

We like to only write between 5 and 10 no more or it just becomes too hard to concentrate on them. We always write them down on paper, it’s easier to visualise them this way.

 Write you intentions using positive words, not I want or I need. Use phrases like I am. For example if you want to bring more happiness into your life in the next few weeks write 'I am so happy right now'. If you want a new career or job write 'I am so grateful that I have found this new job that I have always wanted'. It’s about imagining it happening and you living it.

Once you have written down all your intentions, read over them a few times and visualise them happening. Think of all the ways in which you can help them become a possibility. This is where  knowing which new moon your in helps you. Each new moon comes with its own characteristics. Use these powers from the new moon to help you achieve your intentions.

 Once you have manifested on your intentions, put the paper you've wrote them on somewhere safe and wait until the next new moon to bring it out again and you can compare what has happened over the past month in your life to what you have written down.

 Next we love to meditate, we make sure we send out grateful thoughts before we begin mediating and have our intentions going over in our heads. Then after we have meditated, our ritual is over and we let go of our intentions, giving them up to the universe.

 Setting your intention and manifesting them under the new moon isn't about just writing something down and keeping your fingers crossed it will happen, its about actively asking the universe to put you on the path you should be on and you putting in the work to get there. The universe might put things in your grasp but you will have to put all your power in and reach out to get them. And remember if your intentions aren't being realised then maybe they aren't meant to be happening, this is something to take note of too. If you keep putting something out there and trying your hardest to achieve it and it keeps falling through, then maybe the universe is giving you a message loud and clear, have a look at what your asking for and work out if maybe your missing something even better that's in front of you.

 New moons are such a fun time of the month and making rituals and intentions are such a fun way to give yourself that little push that you might need to get going and achieving what you want in life.

 If you can't wait to try manifesting on the new moon then your in luck as the next one is tonight, the 19th October. Read our article HERE about what tonight's new moon is all about. We are sending you all the good vibes for tonight, may the universe bring you exactly what you need...